The Story of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs:- 1955-2011

Steve Jobs- Life, Total assets, Family, Wife, child, Education, Apple Computer, Apple Repurchase

There is nothing new about his contribution to technology. We all know more about his contribution. He created a new world through his work. His life was a revolutionary journey to change the world. The journey that began from the time he was born. But the more we know about the contribution of this great man, the more we know about his personal life?

What kind of events did he have to go through on his journey to change the face of the world? What kind of obstacles did he face? What was his family life like? What kind of student was he at school? How was his relationship with his parents? How was he or his father? Besides Apple, he owns a majority stake in one of the largest companies in the world – do you know which company he is? What was his last word before he died?

Jobs’ life is very much like the story of a movie. And several movies have been made about him. Several books have been written. But at this point, to learn about his life, many movies and big books will still be read. From this article, you will know the unknowns of Steve Jobs’ life.

Steven ‘Paul’ Jobs was an American inventor, designer; And co-entrepreneur, CEO and chairman of Apple Computer. Apple’s world-renowned product iPod, iPad, iPhone, and iMac are being considered as the beginning of modern technology. Behind all this was his direct contribution.

Jobs was born on February 7, 2005, as the son of two graduates of the University of Wisconsin who gave their son for adoption or adoption after he was born.

From an early age, Jobs was a keen-eyed, but aimless. He started experimenting with various projects until dropping out of college and starting with Steve Wozniak at Apple.

He moved out of Apple and started Pixar Animation Studios in 3 years and returned to Apple after ten years as CEO. Jobs died in a long battle with pancreatic cancer in the 21st.

Total assets

According to Forbes Magazine data, the estimated wealth of Jobs was approximately US $ 1,200 billion. Most of these assets came from the sale of Pixar Studios to Walt Disney in the 21st. But it is estimated that if Jobs did not sell all of his Apple shares when he left Apple in year 1, his net worth would have been around the US $ 3,6 billion.
Publishing and Cinema with Steve Jobs

Several films have been made, inspired by the life story of this tech icon. Of these, ‘The Job’ was created and critiqued at 25, and the ‘Steve Jobs’ was produced by Danny Boyle.

Several books have also been written about Jobs. Of which, by Walter Isaacson, the autobiography of Steve Jobs, published in 27 The book is discussed to highlight the cheating of Jobs’ successor Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO. In 2002 Karen Blumenthal wrote another biography of Jobs for Adolescents. And on the 25th, Brent Slender and Rick Tetzill co-authored “Buckingham Steve Jobs”.

Wife and child

On March 7, 1873, Jobs married Lauren Powell. Powell met Jobs at Stanford Business School early in the 5th. Powell was doing his MBA there. They lived in Palo Alto, California with their three children.

Although he never told anyone about his family, it is known that he had a daughter by the name of Lisa, Lisa, at the age of 20, along with Loren, besides his three children. In court, however, she denied Lisa’s father’s claim that she was unable to have children. Crisan was in economic decline for most of her life, and Jobs never made any contact with her daughter, Lisa, until she was seven years old. Later, Lisa began living with her father from a young age.

Family and youth

Two University of Wisconsin graduates Joan Sibley (later Joan Simpson) and Abdulfatah “John” Jandali gave their anonymous son to adoption shortly after his birth.

Jobs’ birth father, Jandali, was a Syrian political science professor, and his birth mother Joan was a speech therapist. Shortly after Jobs was adopted, the two married and had a daughter named Mona Simpson.

Jobs can find all the information about his birth parents when he is 20 years old.

When Jobs and Sister Mona found each other, the two siblings developed a sweet relationship. Mona at one point finds out Jandali, their birth mother. Jandali then runs a coffee shop. Mona talks to her father without identifying herself. At one point in the conversation, Jandali told Mona – “I had a great restaurant in Silicon Valley before. (There) everybody used to eat there. Even Steve Jobs used to come often. He always used to give big bucks. “- Despite hearing this, Mona did not say that the man who gave the fat buckshee was actually Jandali’s son.

When Mona later told his brother about Jandali – Jobs straightened out Mona for telling his father the truth. Jobs boasted a lifetime of pride. He did not have this attitude toward mother Joan. Because he found out that Jindali’s insistence that Joan was forced to leave the boy


Although Jobs was always a keen-witted and open-minded man, during his childhood and adolescence he was never satisfied with the general education system. At the kindergarten level, he used to do various types of mischief at school. He was given a bribe by a fourth-grade teacher to study him.

Although he did not study, the results were good for him, and before the age of the school, his parents offered to take him to high school. But Paul and Clara did not respond to that proposal.

After completing high school, Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but left college within 6 months and took several creative courses for the next eighteen months. Jobs later said that his first interest in typography came from taking a course on calligraphy.

In 5, Jobs joined Atari as a video game designer. A few months later he left the company and moved to India to seek spiritual release.
An Introduction to Steve Wozniak (Apple Seedling!)

During his time at Homestead High School, Jobs introduced Steve Wozniak, his future business partner, and entrepreneur with Apple Computer. Wozniak was then a student at the University of California.

In an interview with ‘PC World’ at Wozniak 27, why he and Jobs worked so well together: “We both loved the idea of ​​pairing electronics and digital equipment. Very few people had ideas about what digital chips could do, especially at that time. I had designed many computers before, so I was far ahead of him (Jobs) in terms of electronics and computer design, but the two places of interest were the same. We both had a different perspective and vision towards life. “

First Apple Computer

Wozniak joined Jobs Wozniak in his family’s garage at the age of 5, starting an Apple computer in his family’s garage. Jobs sold his Volkswagen car, and Wozniak’s favorite scientific calculator provided Apple’s early capital.

Jobs and Wozniak were credited with revolutionizing the computer industry by creating computers and its components – ensuring everyone’s participation, and making it smaller, cheaper and easier to use.

Wozniak has consistently produced several easy-to-use computers, and Jobs’ visionary marketing led to the sale of Apple’s computers for $ 1.5 billion at that time.

‘Apple 1’ added $ 5,000 to their organization’s account. Three years later, when Apple released its second model, Apple 2, the company’s sales rose 5 percent to $ 1 million.

In year 5, Apple was fully marketed as a limited company. On the first day, it’s market value stood at the US $ 1.2 billion. Jobs Pepsi recommends Coler Marketing Specialist John Sully to take over as CEO of Apple.

Apple’s next few products, however, frustrate buyers because of design problems. At that time, IBM outperformed Apple in terms of sales and Apple had to survive in the IBM computer-controlled market.

In year 5, Apple released the Macintosh Computer Market, which introduced the opposite of the currents lifestyle. Macintosh was a product of romantic, youth-friendly and creative. But even though profitable sales rates and operational than IBM’s computer, IBM users were not comfortable with Macintosh.

Amid a market downturn, jobs executives started attacking Jobs with the illusion that Jobs was damaging Apple. Since he had no official position in the company he created, he put Jobs in a situation where he could no longer work as an independent, leaving Jobs Apple at 5.

Jobs bought Pixar Animation from George Lucas. It later became popular as Pixar Studios. Given Pixar’s prospects, Jobs invested $ 1 million from his fund into the company. Later, the studio released popular movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles.

Pixar Company’s net income stands at $ 3 billion. In the 21st, Pixar merged with Walt Disney. As a result, Jobs became Disney’s largest shareholder.

Apple Repurchase

Jobs NeXT, Inc. In addition to Pixar after Apple leaves Founded a new hardware and software company. In the US general market, the company faced some problems with selling its new operating system and later bought Apple Next, Inc. for $ 120 million.

Jobs returned to Apple as CEO in the 5th, and as he steered Apple to success in the 7’s, he restored Apple’s glory in the sixties.

Jobs brought Apple back in the right direction with a new management team, changing stock options, and paying $ 5 a year for his own fixed salary.

Jobs’ Genius Intelligence Crop Apple can attract shoppers once again with all its wonderful products, great designs and stunning branding campaigns like iMac.

In later years, the MacBook will shine like the Air, iPod, and iPhone

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